Woody Wright

Little Woody (circa 1964)

Check out the "Roy Rogers" guitar! Trigger and a campfire by the trees, oh what I'd give for a guitar like that today!! My Daddy fixed up the strap and tuned her up to an open "E" chord for me. Flogging those bar chords and singing to the top of my lungs, anytime they would let me! We played country and bluegrass tunes around the house, then "Big Woody" started singing with a quartet!

Pictured below are my grandparents. They called me "Little Woody". George and Willie Starr, and John and Addie Wright. The Starrs lived in Athens, TN and the Wrights in Decatur, TN. Many a childhood weekend was spent in their homes with cousins, aunts, uncles and friends. I look forward to seeing them again in Heaven!